Exercise 3: Looking up JRCNM01101a in Scholia

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Before we jump to the exercise, first a few pointers. Scholia is a graphical user interface that visualizes data from the Wikidata knowledgebase. Wikidata is a project under the umbreally of the Wikimedia Foundation and therefore a sister project of Wikipedia [0]. Scholia uses web technologies to visualize the results queried from Wikidata with the SPARQL query language [1].

Like in the previous exercise, we start with an ontology code for JRCNM01101a: ENM_9000086.

Searching in Scholia


  1. The URL contains the Wikidata Q-identifier. What is it?
  2. How many articles does Scholia show for JRCNM01101a?
  3. Which four journals have these articles appeared in?

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